About Madeline

Madeline Hogan discovered yoga and its powerful impact when she began practising Iyengar yoga in Dublin in the 90’s. Her first impression was how she felt so calm and relaxed after class and used to sleep soundly those nights. This kept her motivated to keep on practising her twice weekly classes as she could feel the benefits in her body mind. 


In 2005, after having lived in Dublin and worked in the aviation corporate world for almost twenty years, she made the decision to up sticks and move to another country, Spain and specifically the city of Madrid. Her motivation for doing so was varied but mainly influenced by her desire to find fulfilment, her search for how to make a difference with her life. Her motto was Carpe Diem and she had learned how important it was to make the most of the time you’ve got.


When she moved to Madrid in February 2006, she spent several months trying out different styles of yoga all over the city such as Hatha and Bikram, absolutely determined to find a regular yoga class that she liked as she was missing her yoga fix.  She started practising Vinyasa yoga going from once a week to eventually four and five times a week, including attending regular weekend workshops and summer yoga retreats in Bali (5 trips in total). This culminated in her training to become a yoga teacher, completing 300 hour basic training in Vinyasa in June/July 2013 as well as doing a yoga teacher training for kids with Rainbow Kids Yoga in March 2013. 


Despite her desire and intention to teach yoga it wasn’t happening for her. In September 2016 she made a hard decision to leave her old life behind and move on. She started practising other style of yoga and decided to undertake more training to improve her confidence and expand her knowledge on yoga and meditation. She completed a meditation course Antar Mouna with Marta Esperia Izquierdo from Aushadhi Yoga from January to June 2017 and an 8 week MBSR program with Nirakara Institute in Madrid from January to March 2018 and attended several seminars and workshops on meditation and mindfulness, including Positive Neuroplasticity with Rick Hanson in June 2017 and Remembrance with Sati Santorelli in May 2018, both organised by Nirakara Institute.

Then she took the decision to train as a Forrest Yoga teacher because having done some research on Ana Forrest, what she read about her and her style of yoga resonated with her. In September 2017 she completed her 200 hour Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in Berlin with Ana Forrest, the creatrix of Forrest Yoga. In 2018 she completed her year long mentorship program with Sita Menon, one of the Forrest Yoga Guardians based in Berlin.


In Forrest Yoga she discovered a new depth to the healing power of yoga as well as the ability to connect to the Spirit or soul or higher self. She found the classes to be challenging, demanding and magical and learned just how strong she is. She also used her breathing to deal with the feelings of this was too much for her or why was she doing this training now at this stage of her life and not being good enough compared to everybody else by listening to Ana asking them what part of this can I do. During FYFTT she spent the first fifteen days of training crying inconsolably as she worked through her anger and rage and frustration and by the last week there was a moment in class when they were in the middle of “abs for breakfast” when her back started popping and as it did she started laughing and this kept on building until the entire class was roaring laughing with her.

FYFTT Berlin September 2017

She is constantly expanding her knowledge and experience and is so excited to share this with her students in her classes. She enjoys challenging students in class but also provides a fun and laughter filled class. She focuses on breath and the expansion of the breath to first of all ground the students, to get them into their bodies instead of being in their heads. It also helps them to go deeper into the postures, as well as allowing them to track the feelings and emotions that arise as the class progresses. Her passion for yoga comes through in her teaching and she encourages students to continue past their own limits and fears to discover their own limitlessness.