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Keeping on Believing

As I was flying home and we were beginning our descent to land at Dublin Airport, we came from above the clouds where we could see a blue horizon and entered into an absolutely thick white fog made up of candy floss like clouds, sightlessly moving forward descending steadily until suddenly, a glimpse of green was visible and then after a few moments an entire undulating green landscape along the coastline of Dublin was to be seen and behold.

Often there are times in our lives when we are moving blindly forward unable to know what lies ahead of us but once we keep faith and trust and belief in ourselves and what we are capable of, which is always way more than we realize, take the leap of faith and the results will be experiences which way exceed our expectations.

So when you feel at the darkest times or the most difficult crossroads that it is impossible to go another step or that it’s not worth it or why bother anyway it just isn’t going to make any difference or it’s just not good enough, keep on believing that you will come out the other side stronger and wiser from the experience.

Never ever let your fears dictate your actions! Always keep on believing in yourself and the people around you who are there to support you and in the people you meet on your journey who help you on your way to that spectacular place and those amazing experiences that are just up ahead, but slightly out of view!


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