What students said

The reason for me to start yoga with Madeline was that I had heard about Forrest Yoga and it’s healing qualities. Madeline took time to talk with me about my body’s limitations before class and always kept in mind what I could and could not do. Her very personal warm and welcoming teaching style let me feel absolutely safe in her class. Some parts were challenging but in a way they were not pushing me to my edge. The style she teaches is a very clear, straight-forward way of helping me into the poses and understanding how I can improve getting into them by inhaling and exhaling in the right way. After my classes I definitely felt stronger and my shoulders were not hunched over as they used to be. I like that every class starts with pranayama, practising relaxing or energising breathing techniques and I’ve noticed that my breathing has become a little deeper, especially in situations when I used to get super nervous. I can definitely recommend her as a teacher and I’m very glad I’ve met her.


Madeline's MAGIC is almost palpable when you walk into a room with her. She crackles with it. And just when you think it's down to her wicked sense of humour and her smile, she will adjust you in a pose and you'll know she is drawing from a deep well of human connectedness and empathy.

Madeline 'gets' that yoga is about feeling good in your body, not achieving fancy poses, and she helps people to do exactly that. I do hope she will enrich your life the way she enriches mine.


When I think about yoga classes with Madeline I already have a big smile on my face. Her teaching style is filled with genuine humour which makes her classes unique! You can feel her love and care for her students by her hands on assists. In her class you go deep inside yourself without forgetting that you should never take life (or your yoga practice) so seriously. Thanks Madeline for this big gift you share with us.


Be who you are. Always!

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